5 Ways Corporate Gifts Enhance Your Business Relationships

Corporate gifts are a wonderful way to tell your stakeholders that you care. It promotes wellness and helps you to build a good relationship with them. In addition, it is an excellent marketing strategy to be remembered by your clients and to be in their mind space. 

We have shared 5 different ways corporate gifts contribute to your business collaborations and effective ways to enhance them further.

1. People get to know you

corporate gifts
Image credit: Spa Ceylon Malaysia

Corporate gifts are an indirect yet effective marketing strategy to promote your brand. It creates favourable thinking and a positive outlook towards your business. However, you must put a little thought into what type of gifts you are sending and to whom. 

Is it your staff, partners or collaborators? Whoever they might be, when they get your gift, they must feel special. The first thought that should come to their mind is that you care.

Therefore, plan out gift box ideas with beautiful warm packaging. Nice personal touch on the packaging will delight your stakeholders and remember your brand. 

2. Create emotional bonds

Image credit: Spa Ceylon Malaysia

Though corporate gifts sound dry and professional – they are not! In fact, a thoughtful well selected corporate gift can create an emotional bond with your stakeholders.

For example, corporates have to strain their mind making critical decisions that involve high stake situations and money. So, they often struggle with anxiety and chronic pain. 

Now, if you present them with a destress kit that has potent essential oil and natural herbs to soothe and unwind their body, how cool would that be? It will work wonders on their anxiety and stress. It will be part of their self care routine, and every time they use it, they will remember you. It will automatically create an emotional bond with your brand. This may as well cultivate a loyal and long-term relationship.

3. Recall your brand over competitors

happy balm
Image credit: Spa Ceylon Malaysia

Almost all brands these days do heavy promotions or simple giveaways to attract clients. Hence, corporate gifts are a good way to be on the frontline of the race. However, to be one step ahead, you have to think of gift ideas that no one else will think of. Brainstorm innovative gift ideas or find someone who is an expert at it.

For example, Spa Ceylon Malaysia has a reputation for serving excellent, exclusively designed corporate gifts. One such of our gift boxes contains happy balm that can help with anxiety. 

With ingredients like lemon, patchouli and spearmint, people find it uplifting their senses. Not only that, it has antibacterial and anti-ageing properties. Presenting your clients with something as unique as this will surely help in recalling your brand.

4. Inspire future collaborations

corporate gifts
Image credit: Spa Ceylon Malaysia

Do you know that according to Forbes, 80% of participants who presented corporate gifts to their employees managed to harness better employee retention?

This data proves that corporate gifts are little tokens of joy that help in motivating your workforce. And don’t think only employees. Think about your investors, partners, and your customers.

For example, in the new year 2023, you are planning to get more clients or extend relationships with existing clients. One sweet and effective way to do this is door gift ideas.

Who doesn’t love gifts knocking at doors on special occasions, right? Similarly, you remembering them in special moments and sending them corporate gifts will make them remember you.

Next time they do business, they will think about your thoughtful gesture and consider you as their future collaborator.

5. Generate promising leads and sales

Wild Paradise Natural Butter Collection
Image credit: Spa Ceylon Malaysia

Finally, corporate gifts can also contribute to bringing leads and sales. How? Well, they are a way to reach the heart of your clients. 

For example, let’s say you reach out to your VIP clients with our Wild Paradise Natural Butter Collection. The gift box is conically shaped and royally wrapped in the floral artistry of Eastern culture. 

Inside, they will find 3 different items, 1 for lips, 1 for hair and 1 for skin care. In short, a complete mini wellness skincare package. And they are not for show but will also work wonderfully to soothe and nourish their body.

Such corporate gifts will get them the message that you care and that you know the value of their needs. As such, they will remember you first if they want to buy something that your brand sells.



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